29 January 2009

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

In an introduction to photography class I had to make a total of 20 images of a mundane object over two weeks. I chose a fork. Of all the images, the one here was my favorite.

When I look at these forks I see them reaching out as two bodies almost yearning for each other. The lighting is not terribly dramatic in contrast but is nonetheless intense. There are few shades of gray here, this scene takes place in a world of dualism; nears and fars, goods and bads, illumination and shadow, what we can have and what we can't have.

Breaking through the constraints of the black and white appear the spears of the forks. They shine reflecting and bending the light. And though they are so identical, reaching and reaching in the same direction, stretching and longing for each other, so much comes between them. They reach into an infinity that will never meet.

When I look at it I feel the drama flowing, the anticipation and aching of reaching out and grasping for something inanimate, dependent totally on external forces and situations outside of their control. Its a dynamic stasis, perpetually retreating and advancing in their cemented state.

And then, in the middle of all this waiting and tension, the two spears touch. Just barely to their points touch and overlap, finally coming together. Its an electric moment as the emotions and sameness meet and flow through each other. Its an explosion constantly reoccurring every time the eye passes over the center.

From the simple black and white comes aching and anticipation and the evocative meeting and touching. These forks live through this dualism and pre-destined separation hand in hand; A simple touch, an interlocking and tantalizing grasp.