24 August 2009

We the Godless


We the Godless, often struck wordless: God bless you, God willing, God speed, Thank God, God damn it, Good God, I swear to God, For the love of God, My God, God forbid.

We the Godless, Expressionless.

We the Godless, Without morality. Apparently. For God created all that is good and all that turned evil, and to be Godless is to be liminal. Betwixt and between all. Here we hunt alone, for things and people and goodness that is unattainable to us.

Here we hunt, liminal.

We the Godless, Stateless. In senses figurative and literal, for these United States under God have no room for us. And as the Babe was born in squalor of yore, so do we find our Godless, harmless, intellects shunned into settings poor.

We are evil. Immoral. Cysts on society sound. Or so we are told.

We are sick and derranged. Sinners doomed to eternal sufferings. Or so we are told.

We are naive and cowards. Fearful of His wrath. We deny Him outright, blind to his outreach. Fools. Or so we are told.

We are corrupt and profane. Rapists, murderers, scourges. We are atheists. Or so we are told.

Ad nauseum, mind you, we are told.

In person, in words blunt and brutal. Or hints passive and aggressive. Or by means of subtle looks. Through billboards and by exclusion from religious expectations.

We the Godless, Unimagineable to some.

We are poor, helpless, foolish, lost little lambs. Baah. We the sheep, sans sheperd. We need saving. We need to see some grace, just a trip to mass, just a book of the bible, sometimes just a verse. Or so we are told.

These things we are told. These things are cast upon us. And only in irony does one accept these accusations. If there is a true collective godless identity it is a tolerant one. A thought full one.

We the godless, Inherently contemplative.

Nevermind the crimes committed in His name. Crusades and murders and rapes to the Holy Land and back to Rome. Bombs dropped by godful presidents of now and then.

Nevermind the deliberate outcasting by the righteous godful who refuse to look or recognize possibility.

Nevermind that we are meant to live in fear, silence and in perpetual moments awkward.

Friendless, Unrespected, Untrusted. Hated.

We the godless, Hated.

For what? For nothing. For actions neither passive nor aggressive. For seeing. For sight neither righter nor wronger. For appreciating people and those things that are good and beautiful and bad and ugly. For experiencing human life.

We the godless. Guilty for seeing, appreciating and experiencing.

We the godless. Human. And guilty of it.

12 August 2009

On the airborne exploits of my dreams

To Infinity

I spend my nights dreaming
of things really real.

Fuck the fantastical.
I don't fly, I fall.

(If I'm mid-air at all.)

10 August 2009

An Ode to TV News

You can slam a door, a book, a fist,
when you're frust'rated with fed-uppery,
you can make unsightly gestures.

But you daren't expect to press a button,
or mute or surf
with similar satisfaction,

whilst those glowing boxes,
and their talking heads
spew forth nonsensical, babbling bull.

And befoul the ears of Common Sense.

07 August 2009

Summer is Almost Over

I sat outside tonight
Reading, by moonlight,
Carl Sandberg.
And smoking a cee-gar.

My dog and I,
Indulging in poetic splendor
In the dewy, decaying summer.
And smoking a cee-gar.

O to escape those worlds of prose,
With fog and smoke and verse.
The scene backlit, with dim glows
Casting shadows of waning summer bliss.
While smoking a cee-gar.

06 August 2009

6 August 2009

Hello! Atomic Age.
O Age of anihilation!
Goodbye to Peace.

Hello! Days of Death.
What devotion to devastation!
Goodbye to Peace.

Hello, War.
Hello, Fear.
Nice to meet you.
Stay a while,
Won't you?

Goodbye to Peace.
And safety,
And security,
Ease, innocence, living,
And the like.

So long.

Hello! Mass Murder.
Marauding and malevolent.
Malicious malfeasance.
And so on.

Goodbye to Peace.

Send us a postcard.

05 August 2009

Double Standards

So, Bill Clinton saved the day today and won the prize for best photo-op of the month, most likely. But, there are those who see this as a blow to the United States' firm stance against North Korea. That sending a former president into Pyongyang gives away our upper hand and fuels North Korean propoganda. This is detrimental, you know, becuase they are evil. Axis of evil anyone? I mean these guys have a nuclear program. And long range missiles. That they test!

Thank the powers that be that there is some government that peacefully controls nuclear proliferation! Oh wait...
The US killed between 100,000 and 300,000 Humans, some instantly and some in long drawn-out deaths, in order to usher in the atomic age. It should come as no surprise then that US nuclear policy says no one should have weapons, except the US. Afterall, we're the only nation to show a tendency to use nuclear weapons. Clearly we should keep them around.

My point is that North Korea's program can't possible be more evil that ours. If nuclear programs and missile technology makes an evil, problematic nation, then the US is the scourge of Earth.

Nuclear weapons are detrimental to Human existence. Period. In the hands of anyone and everyone. Period.