16 December 2008



Here the perpendicular and the similar collide. Streets meet roads and topsy meets turvy. Intersection is at once the collision of the unfamiliar and the recombination of the predestined. Through intersection we gain perspective, as travelers of the perpendicular combine baggage, exchange, affect and move on. They are not so much rare, these intersections, but rather fleeting. So fleeting, in fact, they go unnoticed.

However, to take notice is to undestand the world better. Experience the intersection and you'll see the products of the different paths and how they reflect upon each other and themselves. A one laned approach is not the way to understand the world and its people.

I've often grasped aimlessly at the word to describe the fabric of the anthropological community. I have called it misanthropy before. In the adminstrative circles diversity comes up. I think a more apt word is intersection. Here, where Clarendon meets Clarendon, perspective and exchange and reflection abound. To gain a holistic perspective then, is to live intersection.

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