15 December 2008

On Scholarship

Scholarship is a funny thing. Most academics I know don't hesitate to slip a few complaint about their workload into a conversation, or facebook status. Indeed, chronic procrastination leads to moments like the one I recreated above as I drew painfully close to the end of a 5 hour writing session. And what do we do it for, I mean, I plan to do this sort of thing for the rest of my life. It sure as hell ain't where the money is.

On an unrelated note, I wathced Little Miss Sunshine with my roommate earlier today, before beginging the session represented above. One of the drives of that dark and hilarious film is: do what you love and fuck the rest. Okay, so maybe it wasn't such an unrelated note. Joke's on you.

After finishing my paper today, I realized the burst of joy I got in writing my works cited page. To me there is little more fulfilling than organizing and compiling sources after writing a brilliant conclusion. And for that, its worth it. Fuck the rest.


Sam said...


I'm also trying to figure out what the picture on your calendar is...

Shovel Bum said...

its a Farside calendar. the comic for december is a bowling ball sitting in a car outside of a house full of partying bowling pins.