05 August 2009

Double Standards

So, Bill Clinton saved the day today and won the prize for best photo-op of the month, most likely. But, there are those who see this as a blow to the United States' firm stance against North Korea. That sending a former president into Pyongyang gives away our upper hand and fuels North Korean propoganda. This is detrimental, you know, becuase they are evil. Axis of evil anyone? I mean these guys have a nuclear program. And long range missiles. That they test!

Thank the powers that be that there is some government that peacefully controls nuclear proliferation! Oh wait...
The US killed between 100,000 and 300,000 Humans, some instantly and some in long drawn-out deaths, in order to usher in the atomic age. It should come as no surprise then that US nuclear policy says no one should have weapons, except the US. Afterall, we're the only nation to show a tendency to use nuclear weapons. Clearly we should keep them around.

My point is that North Korea's program can't possible be more evil that ours. If nuclear programs and missile technology makes an evil, problematic nation, then the US is the scourge of Earth.

Nuclear weapons are detrimental to Human existence. Period. In the hands of anyone and everyone. Period.

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Bob Herman said...

It's amazing that such a complex topic can be put in simple, understandable, and logical terms. Well-put, Jon...just destroy all of the f***ing things.

And don't worry, I'll have some goulash for you soon, I promise.