10 April 2009

The Decay of the American Dream

The Decay of the American Dream
I saw a woodpecker today, pecking.
Peck, peck pecking,
On a wooden fence.

Peck, peck, pecking on a white wooden fence.

I said, to the woodpecker,
Why, you are mis-taken,
You, pecking on that white wooden fence.

There are no grubs within,
No homely hollow to harbor your heavy head,
Tired, from pecking that white wooden fence.

There is no inside,
Only the otherside,
A woody illusion, deluding your birdy brain.

I pleaded with the woodpecker, as he pecked,
Peck, peck, pecked that white wooden fence.
Move on! Make haste!

The woodpecker paused,
He fluttered off.
I do not think he heard.

My plea, drowned out by that futile peck, peck, pecking,
On that white wooden fence.


TRUTH 101 said...

I have no idea wtf your poem is about Brother. I dig the title of your blog though.

Ben Swallow said...

mr truth, this poem is referring to the decay of the american dream. the woodpecker illustrates a lower/middle class worker who seeks to bang out a living for his family at a dead end job, and even if he does succeed in doing so, he has nothing to show for it - no opportunities for advancement, no big raise, no big title. the woodpecker lives to peck, and yet he pecks to live.