23 June 2009


The Reinventor

Intellectual sucubus. Chew on that one for a while if you will.

The fallout, as it were, from the completion of my B.A. in anthropology has consisted largely of an intellectual vaccuum. Indeed, I've gone from waging a subversive media war on the Butler University president and administration, completing a thesis (all while expanding my photographic portfolio) to naught more than landscape maintainance and playing a punching bag for pent up suburban angst and self-righteousness.

When I first returned home from my four year forray in academia I longed to be Jon Irons once again, that oddly memorable guy-with-bandana/guy-with-camera/anthropology-cult-figure. For, you see, at home I am instead Jonathan, loafing academic, argumentative and jobless (though far from a failure in the eyes of my parents I must admit).

Next, I experienced a brief reprieve, becoming a Jon Irons of a different sort. A relic of pool seasons past, wisened by years of rescues and guard staffs coming and going, noted explorer (apparently staff members will, from time to time, "pull a Jon Irons" and dissappear for 6 weeks or so). In my seventh year at the pool I claimed a new position, supervising supervisors. But, in a few weeks I began to bear the weight of long sunny days, angry entitled suburbanites and stepping up to be the bad guy. Not to mention that the humanihilsocialist perspective is far from customer service friendly.

Thus we arrive at my forced attempt to claw my way out of this inspirational hiatus. I've spent what little cognitive surplus I've had on contemplation of my future, my rapid rate of disenchantment and Vonnegutian perception of the world.

I suppose at this time I am attempting to figure out exactly what a world without enchantment looks like. The highs and lows are fleeting and intense. This inevitably translates into erratic and raw imaging and opining.

So here ends this hiatus with the realization that I must learn to flex my intellect without the immediate stimulation of academic workloads for the time being. Here ends this hiatus with the creation of new perception. Here ends my hiatus with an intellectual spring fillings newfound voids and topping off trusted resevoirs.

Listen: Poo-tee-weet.


Bob Herman said...

Jon, I can feel my brain melting a little bit every day, too. That's why I started my blog. Keeps the rust off.

As far as your pool job goes, good luck with that. Screaming children running aimlessly on slippery paths. Sounds as bad as Comstock's address at commencement--OHHH!

The Dictatress said...

Best of luck, my friend. It's a difficult road, that somehow obligatory post-Butler intellectual vacuum. Gah!